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About Ivana:

*Marketing Master's Degree
*SEO Copywriter
*Content Creator
*Community Manager


Hi, lovely people!

 I'm a girl from Belgrade (the capital of Serbia), who graduated in Economics with a focus on Marketing. I'm a big dreamer who loves the spirit of old times, a lot of travelling and always tries to be fashionable and stylish. My style includes a balance between feminine patterns, trendy pieces and timeless classics. 

 I find myself on adventure to discover new fashion trends and visually translate my findings into this blog. I always valid for a stylish person and often asked me for fashion advice to which I responded successfully, mixing high and low pieces. 

This blog is a mix of pretty little things that inspire me such as fashion, travels and a lot of lifestyle details. The name of blog is a wordplay which includes the Italian word: bambola (English: doll) plus the first letter of my name (I)
So, it is BambolaI :)

Thanks a lot for reading and for the lovely comments!

With lot of love,
Ivana Markovic


References (some of the brands I've collaborated over the blog and social media):

Let the dreams come true...

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