Sunday 10 May 2015

Street Style

Hello lovely readers!

This post is inspired by the popular street style/fashion. My first association for street outfit is something casual and comfy, but trendy and attractive in the same time. 
Everyday, we can notice plenty of amazing fashion moments happening on the streets. Street is the perfect scene for expressing our fashion creativity and individuality, because doesn't exist any strictly rule, so we can be free to play with clothes and accessories. 
I have found great selection of street style items on the on-line store Style Moi. This wonderful brand offers a lot of quality and stylish clothes & fashion accessories at affordable prices. 
You can see photos of my version of street style and Style Moi suggestions to get a similar look. For walk on the Belgrade streets, I have chosen skinny jeans, navy blazer and T-shirt with the inscription and stripes. Also, pop of white on sandals and bag seems perfectly in this blue combination. Long necklace and blue sunnies are final touch in this outfit. After that, I show you some more items by Style Moi brand, which can be categorized as street style.

What do you think about this style and what is your favourite outfit for the street?

I hope to inspire you,

Copy this outfit with similar items by Style Moi:

Jewel Embellished Fox Hand Harness
Long Necklace

T-shirt with Stripes

Skinny Jeans

Navy Blazer

                               Grunge Street Style: Leather Jacket with FringesShirt/Dress in Plaid PrintBucket Bag


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