Monday 19 October 2015

Wardrobe Tips

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This post is something new on my blog definitely. Let's talk about arranging of season's clothes. #SweaterWeather starts, so we can prepare on time. It can be nightmare if you have a lot of things like me, who keep clothes by years from sentimental reasons and because I'm not a person who ruin clothes and they keep the same condition like in the period when I bought them. It can be very stressful to choose what to wear every day when you have a chaos in the closet. So, I've decided to change my wardrobe attitude :-) and spent the weekend in my wardrobe reorganisation. 

My wardrobe tips & tricks:

* Separation of summer and winter clothes. In my case, that means rotation in the closet. So, the tiny summer dresses, tops, skirts etc. put on the upper, distant level and winter woollen/cashmere and similar items on the lower, closer level.

*Choose separate drawers for your necessities like bras, underwear, belts, socks, bags, scarfs, clothes for sport...

*Everything which you didn't wear 2-3 years, or which is not in the adequate weight (small/big), which is demode and similar get rid of it.

*It's not necessary to chuck clothes in the rubbish, specially if it is in good condition like mine. So, you can surprise your friends with quality clothes or donate to charity.
* Change the appearance of some clothes with small details, like replacing buttons, sewing lace,strips, sequins, beads on clothes... It can be so fun and creative in the same time.

I hope these tips are been helpful. Good luck sorting the closet, let me know your impressions :)

Blouses and tiny sweaters

Summer section
Zone bra
Chanel among sweaters
Pants, skirts, bags, wallets...
Fitness clothes


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