Friday 17 June 2016

When Tech meets Fashion...

Hello lovelies!
This post is about something very special: beautiful, shiny, trendy and smart in the same time. Sounds cool, isn't it! So let's start :-)
We live in a modern era where jewelry is not just a decoration on the body, it should provide some practical benefits. Totwoo is a smart jewelry brand that helps you to stay healthy and also enables you to connect with your special ones. By shaking or tapping, this jewelry lets you show your emotions and create pure magic. The point is to use of wearable technology to express emotion. 
Totwoo has a lot of functions, such as pedometer, calorie consumption calculator, sedentary reminder and UV monitor. Also, it could communicate with other paired jewelry-wearers by tapping or shaking the jewelry.  
This is an ingenious way of linking technology with fashion. All these necklaces and bracelets look very modern, sophisticated and luxurious, inspired by blooming flowers and made of high quality materials (silver/gold plated 925 silver) with fabulous Swarovski crystals or precious gemstones. 
Get inspired with photos below (for more visit Totwoo site) and find jewelry piece in your favourite colour. What do you think about this perfect mix of tech and fashion? I'll enjoy to read your

Happy weekend and thanks a lot for reading!


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