Monday 5 June 2017

Summer Style // part 1

Summer is just around the corner and my thoughts are turned towards the sea and summer leisure.

In accordance with that fact, my summer style simply includes lightweight clothing, colorful prints and interesting accessories. Think about straw hats and bags, tassels and pompons, ruffles, white dresses, cheerful fruit prints, bikinis and much more.

Take a look on my selection below and find something for your own summer style.

Stay stylish,


1. Straw Hat with Sequins (Slamnati šešir sa ukrasnim šljokicama)

2. Floral Romper (Kratki kombinezon sa cvetnim printom)

3. Cherry Print Ruffle Dress (Haljina sa trešnjicama i karnerom)

4. Tropical Bikini Set (Bikini sa tropskim printom)

5. White Ruffle Dress (Bela haljina sa rupicama i karnerom)

6. Mint Green Bikini Set with Embroidered Edges (Mint zeleni bikini sa ukrasnim vezenim ivicama)

7. Bag with Tassel Detail (Torba sa drvenom drškom i detaljem od resa)

8. Sandals with Pompons & Tassels (Sandale sa raznobojnim pomponima i resama)

9. Pineapple Print Top (Majica sa ananas printom)

*All items are from Zaful

Take a look on lovely summer floral midi dress section :-)

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