Thursday 17 August 2017

Morning Routine // Summer Haul

Morning is my favourite part of the day. The perfect situation is when I can waking up naturally without mobile alarm. Once I'm awake, I like to stay in bed 10 minutes more and think about plans for that day. 

I can't imagine my morning routine without good rich breakfast and a big coffee mug. These are my morning necessities that give me energy for all day long. Also, I like to listen to music in the morning and read news on my phone. After that I take a look on my social media and preparing outfit to go out.

Morning can look better if we try to make it like that. Obligations are called and often we wake up angry and stressful. But, hey life is short. We can wake up a half a hour before and prepare our body and soul properly for the day. 

On the photos below you can see example of one of  my recent morning when I've enjoyed in some pretty little things such as cute floral sleeping set, gingham espadrille slippers, tasty hot chocolate, lovely bag set with embroidered details... This big summer haul comes from Gamiss and if you like it, you can find links with all details at the end of this post.

Do you love the morning and do you have favourite morning rituals? Share them with me :-)

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Two Piece Set: here  // Gingham Slippers: here// Bag Set: here // Hot Chocolate: here

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