Monday 1 June 2015

The Hunt

Hello lovelies!
Let me introduce one of the most stylish communities, The Hunt. It is a website and mobile app that connects stylish people with to 4 million members who help each other find the best outfits/items. If you are looking for a specific item and don’t know where to find it, you can start a Hunt by posting a photo and the community will solve your Hunt by posting links to stores where you can find it. Great, isn't it :-) Or, if you’re an expert shopper or love this kind of challenge, you  can help other Hunters by solving their Hunts and sharing with them your style expertise. The Hunt is also a trendy destination to discover new brands and trends. You can visit stores around the world just by tapping the "buy" button. It is interactive platform by posting a photo of an item that you’re looking for, along with specific requirements such as price and size. You can easily join this program here and start to enjoy in this stylish app. Also, take a look at the latest stylistic tendencies on The Hunt Blog.

One more important notice is that I am proudly member of The Hunt Insider program. You can find me on the list of Hunt Insider Bloggers here. This program can help their bloggers to grow their blog or social media channels. You can solving Hunts, get followers, get Perfects on finds, mentioning @thehunt on social media, Blog or YouTube, earn features on The Hunt's blog etc. This program is just meant to be fun and rewarding. Also, you can get great opportunity to become Top Insider in the end of each month
So, if you are interesting to become a part of this amazing community, you can simple apply here.  You need to answer a few questions about yourself and your blog. It  should only take you about few minutes to complete.

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