Monday 7 March 2016

Pretty Little Things

Amazing Spring Details

''Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were big things.'' Robert Brault

Think about this quote, it's so true. We are constantly under pressure, with a lot of life problems, but why not we stop for the moment, enjoy in little things, in details that make our life better and happier. What makes me happy? Lovely moments with my family, friends or boyfriend, long walks by the river, photographing gorgeous architecture or flatlays, preparing new blog posts, hanging on the Instagram, reading books/fashion magazines, visiting theatre/cinema and so much more. In this post show you some of pretty little things in which I enjoyed last days. Hope you like them and maybe inspire you. Take a look on these lovely girly things such as yummy desserts, coffee, makeup, accessories, cute animals etc.
Happy new week,
Yours Ivana

Delicious & Chic

Perfect shape and also so yummy

Lady Box with a lot of fantastic handmade products

Cookies again :-)

Lovely Morning Rituals

And again cookies :-)

My sister made these yummy muffins

Cake with cherries

Yummy and Healthy

Suprise yourself with some jewelry item (my new fantastic bracelet)

Favourite Spring Makeup


Pretty Cover

Creative Khaos

Mmmm Coffee

Happy Face


Lovely and Peaceful

On the River

Coffee Fan no doubt :-)

With sister in cute cafe ( Check her blog for yummy recipes and interesting events: click here )

City Walk  (The National Bank of Serbia)



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